Despite the availability of various low interest rate purchase financing packages from Canadian and American export credit agencies, credit worthy international buyers are inhibited from taking advantage of these opportunities due to lack of sufficient know-how on managing and integrating the application process.

We manage and integrate the process of rapidly acquiring export financing to help credit worthy international buyers close their procurement transactions.

Whether you are looking for a direct loan to finance the purchase of capital goods, a line of credit to purchase goods over a period of time, or a loan guarantee to guarantee term financing, our professionals can help you access trade financing solutions through the EDC or Ex/Im bank.

We have expert knowledge on the various export financing options available to international buyers and the application processes and documents required, and will communicate rapidly on your behalf to find you the financing you need. We are able to produce professional business plans or proposals and we can prepare and present your financial information as required by the bank.

Each purchase financing solution is developed based on the particular need of the importer and transaction. The purchase financing process is complicated and involves communication with several institutions, and we can effectively manage and integrate the process to deliver you the financing package you need.

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