To provide strategic tools and resources for businesses, for consumers, products and services tailored to their need, and to investors, financial advice to better leverage their financial portfolios with an easy access to businesses financial portfolios.

LEF international Limited is an export and import business specialized in an array of products for commercial and domestic use, and services for businesses such as business management, business development, market analysis and research, as well as procurement services and financial advice to both domestic and international clients.

To serve as a reliable one-stop supply shop for businesses, investors, and consumers, while serving as a gate way for US/Canadian products to international market by providing immediate access to the market and financial knowledge that will help importers secure financing for their purchases.

Our philosophy is to constantly engage in a continuous process of relationship building. We do this by building lasting relationships with North American companies across all industries and business organizations with other global companies around the world through business acquisitions, business marketing and developments, financial advice, global market analysis and research, investment opportunities and exports.

In global market economy and unprecedented markets, we in Lef International Limited with our global network of strategic alliances are positioned to assist businesses wishing to engage in the international market, either by selling or exporting their products or helping to develop and sustain existing business.

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